Cellular Care Coverage Plan


Cell phones are essential! They’re our first line of contact, with family, with friends, for business, and for emergencies. We use them for text messaging, for email communications, for capturing pictures, researching information, mapping locations, for apps of every kind, and for pure entertainment. We simply can’t live without them!

That’s why we provide our Cellular Care Coverage Plan to valued members, like you. Your coverage is automatic, no additional registration is required. And it will reimburse the costs associated with repairing your device if it’s damaged, no matter how the damage occurred*.

Here’s what the Plan covers:

Accidental Damage Yes, including cracked screens
Water Damage Yes, including immersion
Drops Yes
Mechanical Malfunction Yes
Electrical Malfunction Yes
Battery Yes
Loss No
Theft No
Service Cost Labor is included
Deductible Cost for other insurance Yes
Cell Phones Two (2) years old or less
Coverage $600.00 per membership account per lifetime

How to Submit a Claim - read

Send documents using one of the following methods:

Generations Gold, Inc.
525 South Flagler Drive, Ste 401
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

*The Cellular Care Coverage Plan automatically begins 30 days from your date of enrollment. Although not required, it is supplemental to any valid and collectible insurance or indemnity cell phone programs you may have. After all other insurance has been exhausted; we will cover damage repair costs up to $600.00 per membership account per lifetime. In addition, the deductible payments required for any other insurance Plan will be covered up to $200.00 (which will be deducted from the $600.00 maximum coverage). If damage occurs, simply send in your itemized paid receipt within 30 days of the date repaired. *Click here for complete Terms & Conditions Additional Family Members are not eligible for this benefit.

Terms & Conditions

Your Coverage is non-transferable. No pre-enrollment. Coverage for primary/joint account holders, eligible employees and (2) registered owners of current participating business partners only. You must charge your monthly cellular wireless telephone bills to your eligible account. Only cellular wireless telephones purchased in the U.S. by the eligible member will be covered. Cellular wireless account must reflect the name(s) of the eligible accountholders to be covered. You will need copies of your account statement reflecting monthly cellular wireless telephone bill payments being deducted from your membership account during the time the damage occurred.

Does not include accessories (i.e. ear buds, home or car charger, etc). You must submit proof of repair and an itemized paid repair receipt for your cell phone (2 years old or less) within 30 days of the actual repair. You do not have to be covered under any other coverage to be eligible; however, you must submit proof of your insurance deductible payment within 30 days of your payment receipt. In addition, all covered repairs must be made by an authorized repair facility that does not violate the manufacturer’s warranty. You will be asked for verification of ownership on the repair. You must be a covered member at the time of the repair and reimbursement request. Cell phones are not covered if under the care of a common carrier (US Postal Service, etc), rented, leased or borrowed as part of a pre-paid plan, cosmetic damage that does not impact the ability to make or receive calls, damage resulting from abuse, intentional acts, fraud, hostilities of any kind, confiscation by the authorities, risks of contraband, illegal activities, normal wear and tear, flood, earthquake, radioactive contamination or damage from inherent product defects or vermin; taxes, delivery or transportation charges and any fees associated with the service provider. Not a replacement program; coverage does not include theft. Submission of a claim does not guarantee coverage or coverage availability. Generations Gold, Inc. is a third party provider and has the sole right to determine whether an item is covered.