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  • ULTIMATE ID® - 3 Bureau Daily Credit Monitoring
  • Cellular Care Coverage
  • Full Service Travel With Guaranteed Savings & Cash Back
  • Health & Wellness Savings
  • Restaurant & Retail Gift Cards At a Discount
  • Cash Back Rewards Featuring Rakuten®
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I {We} accept GenGold® Ultimate and the ULTIMATE ID® membership and understand the ULTIMATE ID® program begins when I (We) successfully validate our identity and complete the activation process. I also understand the primary and joint account owner are required to each have their own email address. I {We} understand we will receive an email containing a personal activation code which is required to complete the authentication and enrollment process. If I {we} do not complete the authentication process and activate credit monitoring, I {We} will still be covered with 3G Fully Managed Recovery in the event there is a credible breach. I {We} also understand that I can opt out of the Program and membership at any time by canceling the membership with Generations Gold, Inc. directly. There are no fees for canceling the membership. I (We) hereby accept Ledyard National Bank's offer to participate in the benefits program offered by Generations Gold Inc., and to receive specified discounts on various services. I (We) agree to pay the monthly fee of $5.95 automatically deducted from my checking account whether or not I{We} have activated ULTIMATE ID® and whether or not I{We} qualify for all services. The monthly fee will apply after the 60 day trial period.

I (We) understand that this financial institution makes no representation, expressed or implied, regarding the quality of service and products provided by the participants and shall have no liability in connection therewith. All liabilities, claims, damages, and demands are the sole and direct responsibility of Generations Gold, Inc., and its independent benefits providers. I (We) hereby authorize this financial institution to release my above information for participation in the program. I (We) understand that the benefits and services are provided by Generations Gold Inc. a fully independent benefits provider and I (We) are responsible for reviewing the complete terms and conditions for the Program benefits and understand I can visit the Gengold.com website or call 800.428.6686 during regular business hours for complete program details. I (We) understand that if I close my account listed above or cancel my membership that the Identity Theft coverage will cease, along with all other benefits I may have accessed through these programs. No one can prevent all identity theft.

These products are not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency of the United States, the financial institution or any affiliate of the financial institution.

Elect to upgrade to the GenGold® Ultimate Program by hitting the Submit button. I/We hereby elect to enroll in the GenGold® Ultimate program offered by Generations Gold, Inc. and agree to all terms disclosed.